Bittersweet Sleeve Tattoo

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Bittersweet Sleeve Tattoo
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What kid doesn’t want to be like their mom or dad? BratTats have created these gorgeous temporary tattoos for your little one to do just that! Choose a full sleeve, half sleeve, or simply trim designs to place wherever you want them.

Skull and rose sleeve.  This full sleeve measures approximately 19″x 6″. Looks great on adults too!

✯ Tattoos will last up to a week depending on the child’s lifestyle.

✯ Is it safe? As safe as your contouring kit! The FDA requires that water transfer temporary tattoos only include pigments that have been approved for cosmetics. BratTats tattoos are non-toxic and safe for direct dermal contact.

✯ The skin will feel tight when the arm is moved in certain positions after being applied. This feeling goes away quickly after moving a bit. Running water over the tattoo helps.
✯ The tattoo may crack depending on placement and mobility of limbs.
✯ Removing- Simply use baby oil or rubbing alcohol to safely and gently remove the tattoo.

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