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Lullaby renditions of Blink 182

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Do noisy babies have you saying I miss you, sleep? Rockabye Baby’s quiet versions of blink 182’s pop-punk favorites will turn the lights off and help keep ‘em off all night long. Do it for the kids!

Rockabye Baby transforms rock favorites into beautiful instrumental lullabies. Guitars and drums are traded for xylophones and bells, and the volume is turned down from an eleven to a two. Tonight, the cradle will rock. 

Track List

  1. All the Small Things 
  2. Dammit 
  3. What's My Age Again? 
  4. The Rock Show 
  5. Josie 
  6. M+M's 
  7. Man Overboard 
  8. Anthem Part Two 
  9. Adam's Song 
  10. Feeling This 
  11. I Miss You 
  12. First Date